Are you positioned to respond to rapidly changing operating conditions?

Organisations across the public and private sector are going through major changes which has highlighted the urgent need to have the correct workforce in place to respond to rapidly changing operating conditions. However, many organisations still do not have the necessary strategic workforce planning capability to ensure that they have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time to ensure the delivery of their strategic business objectives. With this in mind, I am pleased to make available the full program for our Workforce Planning Summit 2016 taking place in Sydney between the 7-9 June.

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Featuring case study focused presentations from thought leaders from across the public and private sector,
Key themes to be explored at the event will include:


Workforce Segmentation and Human Capital Reporting


Succession Planning Strategy Development.


Strategic Talent Sourcing for Tomorrow’s Digital Workforce.


Strategic Workforce Planning to Determine the Most Required and Critical Skills.


Workforce Planning during the Restructuring of your Organisation.


Developing Capability and Expertise in the Effective Utilisation and Management of Older Workers.


Using Big Data to Help Drive Quicker, More Effective Business Decision Making.


Understanding HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics: What Should we Measure about Our Workforce?

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International Strategic Workforce Planning thought Leaders

This years program will feature international thought leaders from the UK and Canada.

Wilson Wong

Wilson Wong
Head of Insight and Futures, CIPD UK

Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle
Director Strategic Workforce Management, Royal Bank of Canada

In addition to their plenary presentations, Wilson and Robert will be co-facilitating a Pre-Conference Strategic Workforce Planning Workshop with International Standards Expert Julie Sloan, Chief Executive of Workforce Planning Global.

Is developing capability in the Utilisation of HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics are priority for you and your organsiation? Then you may be interested in the workshop we have planned on this topic which will be delivered by Public Sector Thought Leaders from the ATO, Quentin O'Grady, Executive Director Workforce Strategy & Design & Karl Strichow, Director Workforce Analytics.

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The Workforce Planning Sector will bring together the following key stakeholders from the Public and Private Sector:


HR Directors.


Heads of Workforce Planning.


HR Managers.


Workforce Development Managers.


HR Business Partners.


Director Operational Workforce Planning.


Director Workforce Optimisation.


Heads/Managers Organisational Capability.


Heads/Managers of Business and Culture.


Heads/Managers People and Productivity.


Heads/Managers of HR Systems and reporting.


Heads/Managers of Talent Management and Acquisition.

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